ID and dress code : Navigating the door

Getting into one of the best nightclubs in London is like trying to navigate the M25 on an early Monday morning or the A406 on a weekend. There are certain rules you’d be wise to abide by to ensure you have a blemish free night and above all avoid the disappointment of being turned away at the door!

The Golden Rule: Carry your ID.

There is no debate whatsoever No ID = No entry. Simples! There is no vouching for a friend, talking to the manager or begging your way through. You must carry valid ID and many venues, including ours, will only accept a valid passport or driving licence.

All clubs have strict rules that govern their licences. No matter how mature you are, you will still be asked, so don’t make us turn you away carry those papers!

In addition to the golden rule

1. You’ve got to look the part

It can hurt to say it but really we must if you want to get in you have to dress the part we’re talking cool, chic, debonair. We have an image to uphold, we wouldn’t be what we are without it, so please do your thang. Now if you’ve got swag then you may just get away with jeans and a t-shirt if you don’t then you better pull out that #lookinamilliondollars, #yesimhot, #lookinthebizznezz outfit!

We love: blazers, collared shirts, smart footwear
Absolute no, nos: caps, sports trainers, flip flops, slippers, sliders, bandanas, man bags, dirty shoes.

Just look fabulous!

2. Don’t arrive drunk!

You won’t be getting into the venue if you’ve been drinking period! And the security teams decision is final so if, in their opinion, you present as drunk, you are drunk and will be sent on your merry way. So if you decide to have a few drinks before you head on over, it’s wise to avoid getting plastered, because you will be denied entry at the door.

3. Mind your manners!

We all like to be able to go to work and do a good job without any hassle. Please treat our team, from security to bar staff, hostesses to DJs, as you would like to be treated. If you are rude to them it’s more than likely you won’t be getting into the club, and if you are already in the club well you can say goodbye to the party you will be removed.

4. There won’t be any special entrance, free entrance or other door privileges.

Our door team is all about service with a smile and they have a job to do the last thing they want is to have to say no to requests for special passes. So we’re making it clear from the get go whether you are telling the truth or not, or your cab took the wrong turn. Every single week we are asked whether our free before 11 tickets extends to 11.05, 11.45, just after 12. The answer is always NO. Please wait your turn like everybody else and no, other than our fabulously priced online tickets, we don’t do discounts.

5. All the boys

Large party of gentlemen venturing out on your own? We suggest you make a table booking well in advance so we can do our checks.

5. Door Closes

Door Shuts at 2.00am and the party ends at 4.00am Every single week we have customers that show up at 2.10am, the answer is always the same. The door is now shut.

Chances are you’re a seasoned socialite and all this is old hat. But hey, a little reminder never hurt anybody . Playing by the rules makes for a better night out, for you, for us, for everybody else. So shine those shoes, wear that smile, stay in line and we’ll do our part to make sure you have a night to remember, for all the right reasons