Covid-19 Update

In light of the continued uncertainty we wanted to reiterate that we are closed until further notice here at Cococure. Further to this we have relaxed our Terms & Conditions to give all clients peace of mind when booking events. Effective from 17/03/2020, we will refund all deposits, table bookings and tickets for all events booked for future dates. We feel this gives our clients the reassurance that they can continue as normal, with the protection of a money back guarantee as all events are cancelled for now.

At this difficult time we ask that you continue to support the events and hospitality industries in this hugely challenging landscape.




We are one of the most trusted names in the Afrobeats events space in London, where trust and confidence in exceptional delivery is of vital importance. Our brand has been built around the idea that customer service, attention to detail and unrivaled hospitality will never go out of style. In an industry where the newest and flashiest establishment often garners the most attention, We have managed to maintain staying power by not relying on trends, gimmicks, or other pay-to- play strategies like artist appearances which create hype thats often shortlived.

EST. 2007

Cococure has been established since 2007 and since then have delivered over 500 events in London and Lagos. We have grown from event promoters to acquiring our very own venue.


Every evening at Cococure is a different experience. We spend ample time curating the best djs and lighting engineers. We understand that a superb evening relies on stimulating all the senses. From the way guests are greeted at the door, to the speed of service. Ulitimately we are in a people business, and our people are our biggest assets. They pay attention to all the details that comes together to create the ambience.


The Lounge

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Cococure Launches the Lounge. The premiere African influenced bar/lounge in the City of London. The bar will be launching July 2020.

Cococure Refurbishment

We have signed a contract to refurbish our nightclub with the enter space given a fresh new face in time for August 2020. This is inline with our plans to continue be at the forefront of immaculate design of our spaces. We strive to continue giving our guests the best experience.