Nova Collaboration

Fancy collaborating with us, Collaborating with us is easy and very rewarding. Please find the details below.

  • We add your email to your guest list system. This gives you visibility of whom and the number of people that have joined the guest list through you.
  • On the night the door personnel will tick people off with time stamps of when they arrive. We will also provide you visibility of this system on the night for your convenience.
  • Provide us with account details to transfer the profit to. This is done the next day.
  • Profit sharing
  • At the end of the night
  • We will provide you the number of attendees from your guest list
  • We will use the time stamp and numbers to calculate the profit off your list


[pricing_footer]10-11pm[/fusion_pricing_footer][pricing_row]11-12pm[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_footer]After 12pm[/fusion_pricing_footer]

Non Guestlist

[pricing_footer]£10 +(Glist@door)[/fusion_pricing_footer][pricing_row]£10 +(Glist@door)[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_footer]£20[/fusion_pricing_footer]




25 people + 1 table for £500 subscribe to the guest list through your number


[pricing_footer]10-11pm[/fusion_pricing_footer][pricing_row]11-12pm[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_footer]After 12pm[/fusion_pricing_footer]

No of People

[pricing_footer]2 entries[/fusion_pricing_footer][pricing_row]10 entries[/fusion_pricing_row][pricing_footer]13 entries[/fusion_pricing_footer]

Total Paid


Profit from Guestlist = £177

Profit from Table = £50

Total = £227


Doors close 1:30am

If you are interested in this deal please call on of the following numbers 07908227326 / 07534503453 asking for the collaboration package. Or cntact one of the below staff members.

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